Forth District

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Forth & Wilsontown Primary School.

1961 - 2014

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Special thanks to John Stewart for the above Picture


Forth Primary 7. 1962/3

Back Row Alistair Stevenson - Tom Wilson - Robert Hepworth - Robert Green - George McKendrick - John Cook - Billy Ritchie - John Thomson - Stuart Smith - Douglas Fairlie

Third Row Grace Paterson - Marion Robb - Janie Tennent - Audrey Stewart - Dorothy McDonald - Rea Watson - Margaret Mackie - Morag Sommerville - Janice Watson

Second Row Catherine Main - Marilyn Baker - Jacqueline Morrison - Mary Ellen Nimmo - Irene Carmichael - Jean Haston - Charlotte Brownlee - Sheena Douglas - Marie Holmes - Annette Young - Jean Storrie - May Geddes

Front Row George McGurk -- Robert Hamilton - Raymond Simpson - William Boyd -Graham Carmichael - Tommy Dunn - Richard Simpson - Billy Steele

Teacher Mr McCrae


Forth Junior Secondary 1966/67 - Photo taken 02/12/66

Back Row Joe Dickson - William Carmichael - Martin Davies - Tom Wallace - John Anderson - Peter Watson - Joe Stewart - George McGurk - Tom Prosser

Middle Row John Sloan - Jim Woods - Robert Hamilton - Annette Young - Jacqueline Jackson - Isobel Baird - Alex Carswell - John Burroughs - John Robertson

Front Row Sheena Douglas - Anne Marshall - Janice Watson - Kate Fairlie - Elizabeth Ritchie - Catherine Greenhorn - Sheena Holmes - Catherine Main

Teachers Mr W Beverley - Mr W Gray.

Special thanks to Sheena Graham (Douglas) for the above Pictures


Forth Junior Secondary 1967/68


Forth Primary 1970

Back Row: L to R

Miss Peat, Harry Barr, Scott Russell, William Baird, Ian McCallum, Ann Robertson, ? , Ann Carruthers, Alex Porteous, John Little, William Bryce, George Charles Robertson, Miss Roberts

Middle Row: L to R

John Waddell, Hugh Gracie, John Tennant, ? (possibly Gordon Bone), Andrew Sommerville, Alex Bradford, John Bryce, Scott Gallacher, Stewart Duff, James Stark

Front Row: L to R

Robert Barr, Agnes Brown, Nan Barrett, Susan Whyte, Gillian Beverley, Janice Hamilton, Margaret Stark, Fiona Kerr, ? (possibly Janet Orr), Shona McConnell

special thanks to Scott Gallacher for the information supplied


Forth Junior Secondary 1970


Forth Primary School around 1973/1974

Back row: Miss McCutcheon (later Mrs Wright), Kenny Gibson, Peter Tennant, Craig Douglas, William Kirkhope, Paul Harris, Dougie Bryce, David Brown, John Rowan.

Middle Row: Derek Nelson, Fiona Robertson, Lorraine Norbury, Dawn Somerville, Karen Russell, Aileen Alexander, Angela Hamilton, Alan Nelson.

Front Row: Evelyn O'Hara, Kim Russell, Lesley Gallacher, Brenda Paton, Audrey Mitchell, Helen McCallum, Alison Bone, Sheila McConnell, Janice Gracie, Marion Gallacher, Julia Gallacher.

Kneeling: Paul McManus, Martin Simpson, George Steele, Unknown, Keith McClymont.

special thanks to Alan Nelson for the information supplied

Forth Primary School – Primary 6 (1976)

Back Row – Mr Clarke, Derek Waye, John Tennant, Robert Kirkhope, Kevin Gray, Ian McMorran, Tommy Little, Andrew Sommerville, Hugh Gracie, David Forbes

Middle Row – James Stark, David Greenfield, Jane Zdrojewski, Jacky Lauder, Linda Easton, Tony Jeannette, Scott Gallacher, Adam Somerville

Front Row – Mary Rae, Christina Allen, June Mollins, Katrina Honeyman, Agnes Douglas, Philomena Harris, Margaret Stark, Marion Bryce, Fiona Kerr

Sitting – William Patterson, David Griffin, John Collison

Forth Primary School – Primary 7 (1977)

Back Row – Mr Clarke, Stewart Duff, Tony Jeannette, Hugh Gracie, Andrew Sommerville, Agnes Douglas, Gillian Beverley, Anne Carruthers, Ian McMorran, John Tennant, Scott Gallacher, Ian McCallum

Middle Row – William Patterson, Duncan Lindsay, Scott Russell, James Stark, Adam Somerville, Gordon Bone, David Griffin, Robert Barr, Harry Barr

Front Row – Fiona Kerr, Nina Munro, Marion Bryce, Ann Robertson, Margaret Stark, Gillian Orr, Janet Orr, Mary Rae

special thanks to Scott Gallacher for the information supplied


Forth Nursery 1984

Back Row L to R
Donald McMillan, Kevin Thompson, William Murray, ?, ?, John Neilson, ?, ?

Middle Row L to R
Julie Boyd, ?, Hazel Trikovitch, ?, Debbie Fowler, Anne McGurk, Melanie Davies, ?, Jacqui Andrews

Front Row L to R
?, David Rodgers, Gail McClung, ?, Lindsay Russell, Douglas McKendrick, Gillian Hope, Hugh Bryce(wee shug), Elaine Davies

special thanks to William Murray for the information supplied


Forth Nursery 1986

Back row L to R
Miss Freeland, Mrs Thomas, ?, Caroline Taylor, ?, David Scott, Andrew Murphy, ?, Gordon Thomson, ?, Miss Wright

Middle Row L to R
Colin Gardner, Keith Anderson, Gillian Hope, Kelly Walkinshaw, Douglas McKendrick, Gordon Murphy, David Beattie, Hendry Mackie

Front Row L to R

Scott Hodson, John Neilson, Jean Dennis, Guen Thomas, Julie Boyd, Hazel Greenfield, Jennifer McColl, Anne McGurk, ?, ?, Mrs Archibald


Forth Primary 1993

Back row L to R
Mrs Foreman, Jonathan McKenna, Keith Angus, Charles Thomson, Paul Borthwick, Alan Douglas, Stuart Somerville, Graham McGilvary, Stewart Forsyth, David Forsyth, Craig Carroll

Middle Row L to R
Graham Gardiner, Jason Russell, Gavin Rogerson, Gemma Waye, Fiona Watt, Laura McGurk, Kimberley Howieson, Ian Wilson, Neil Sharpe

Front Row L to R
Elizabeth Ferry, Nicola Alexander, Emma SImpson, Lynne Marshall, Melissa McGarva, Laura Morrison, Lorna McAleer, Jennifer Dunsmore, Karen Dickson, Alison Hope

Forth Primary School – Football Team (1977)

Back Row – Stewart Barrett, Jack Alexander, James Orr, Hugh Gracie, Bobby Hunter, James Stark, Scott Gallacher, Ian McCallum

Front Row – Duncan Lindsay, David Griffin, Alan Gray, Robert Barr, Graeme Aitken, George Stark, Don Muldownie

special thanks to Scott Gallacher for the information supplied

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